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Waste water treatment equipment technical improvement project

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Waste water treatment equipment technical improvement project

1. Project source
Our company mainly produces aluminum sulfate, alum, polyaluminum chloride and other aluminum salt series products, in the production process to produce process wastewater, wastewater main pollutants are suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, and wastewater PH value is low.
In 2008, the company has built a set of wastewater treatment system. Due to the expansion of production capacity and the increase of product varieties in recent years, the amount of wastewater and water quality have also changed, and the original sewage treatment system can no longer meet the current wastewater treatment requirements, so it is necessary to carry out technical transformation of the wastewater treatment device.

Ii. Project overview
1. Project construction time
(1) Confirm the project time: August 2013
(2) Project demonstration and preliminary design time: September to October 2013, the project demonstration has been completed and entered the preliminary design stage.
(3) The formal design time of the project: November - December 2013.
(4) Project construction time: from January to August 2014, the project will be completed and put into use in August 2014.
2. Project transformation plan
(1) Selection of process technology solutions
The original treatment unit adopts the process of precipitation + neutralization. Due to the increase of wastewater volume and the change of water quality, the treatment unit is overloaded and the water quality after treatment is unstable. In order to achieve the standard discharge, the company cooperated with Changsha University of Science and Technology to jointly study the wastewater treatment program, and determined that the treatment process after the technical transformation is: precipitation + adsorption + neutralization + sedimentation. The company's laboratory conducted a comprehensive and systematic test, and the test results proved that the program is feasible and effective, and the treated water quality can meet the national discharge standards.
(2) Process overview
The production waste water through the drainage pipe and channel flow into the four waste water sedimentation tank natural settlement, separation of sludge; The wastewater from the fourth sedimentation tank is pumped into the adsorption tower for filtration, adsorption and neutralization treatment, and the wastewater flows into the neutralization tank for PH adjustment. After the PH value is qualified, the wastewater is put into the sedimentation tank and discharged after settlement.
The process flow chart is as follows:

(3) List of main equipment
(4) Project investment
The total investment of the project is 2.62 million yuan, the details are shown in the following table

Iii. Results and objectives of the project after completion
1, wastewater treatment capacity: 200 tons/day, 300 days per year, annual treatment capacity of 60,000 tons.
2. Pollutant emission reduction: COD: 9 tons/year, ammonia nitrogen :2 tons/year, oil: 0.26 tons/year, PH value is controlled at 6-9.
3. After the completion of the target project, we can ensure that all the company's wastewater treatment and discharge meet the standards.

Iv. Responsibilities of project construction personnel
1, the company set up a waste water treatment technical transformation engineering leading group, led by the chairman He Zhaohui, deputy director of production Jiang Fazhong as deputy leader, production technology department and safety and environment Department technician and equipment supervisor as members.
2. Chairman He Zhaohui is responsible for project construction coordination, Jiang Fazhong organizes production technology Department and Safety and Environment Department to be responsible for project demonstration and design, Wang Chunhai is responsible for equipment selection, installation and civil construction of the project, and Wang Yibing of Supply Department is responsible for equipment procurement.
5. The project construction needs the support of the government environmental protection department
In the past two years, the company invested in aluminum sulfate production process technology transformation and new 50,000 tons/year high-efficiency polyaluminum chloride production project, this year, the national economic growth slowed down, affected by the environment, the company's benefits declined seriously, therefore, the company's capital is quite difficult, in order to ensure the smooth construction of the project as planned, and strive to complete and put into use as soon as possible. Kindly request the environmental protection department to give our company appropriate financial support.

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September 10, 2013

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