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Safety standardization

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Diagnostic report on safety production standardization of working units engaged in safety standardization

I. Purpose of diagnosis
Through the diagnosis of the work of enterprise safety standardization, find out the deficiencies in the work of enterprise safety standardization, determine the specific elements suitable for enterprise safety production standardization, and put forward diagnostic problems, hidden dangers and suggestions to improve the level of enterprise safety management.

2. Scope of diagnosis
Hengyang City Jianheng Industrial Co., Ltd. safety production conditions and safety management status.

3. Diagnostic criteria
Safety Production Standardization Evaluation Standards for Hazardous Chemical Practitioners

Fourth, the basic situation of the enterprise
Hengyang Jianheng Industrial Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Jianheng Company) is located in Hengyang City Shigu District Songmu Industrial Park on Ni Road No. 8, the legal representative is Hu Hongjian.
Jianheng Company is a limited liability company established by the restructuring and reorganization of the former Hengyang Jianheng Chemical Plant, founded in 1981, the legal representative is Hu Hongjian, the registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company is located in the Songmu Chemical Industry Park, Shigu District, Hengyang City, covers an area of about 9.064 hectares, and now has 138 employees (26 hazardous chemicals practitioners), including 11 engineering and technical personnel and 1 full-time safety management personnel. The company is currently engaged in the production of food additives (aluminum sulfate, alum, etc.) and reagent sulfuric acid. The company's leading product aluminum sulfate has 48 years of production history, "Lotus brand" refined aluminum sulfate in 1987 was rated as the Ministry of Chemical Industry quality products, in 1995 by the provincial health station epidemic prevention station, provincial water purification agent Association as quality products; The newly developed ammonium alum and potassium alum have the excellent quality of high whiteness, low moisture and tight structure, and are favored by the majority of users.
The company obtained the acetylene safety production license in October 2012.
The production scale of the company is: aluminum sulfate production capacity of 80,000 t/ year; Alum production capacity of 30,000 t/ year; Reagent sulfuric acid 20,000 t/ year. Among them, reagent sulfuric acid is a dangerous chemical, and the company obtained the safe production license of reagent sulfuric acid on January 11, 2013.

5. There are the following problems:
1, safety production laws and regulations and related standards and other information is not fully collected.
2, did not develop safety production standardization implementation plan; There is no record of the main responsible person organizing and participating in the construction of safety production standardization; There is no safety culture building program.
3, no safety meeting minutes or minutes and safety work report data.
4, can not independently carry out risk assessment, risk assessment is not comprehensive, there is no risk assessment procedure documents and records, there is no risk assessment criteria, there is no list of operational activities, risk control can not be implemented.
5. Dangerous operations (such as hot operations and restricted space operations) lack of operation certificate and operation ticket management, the operation certificate system management is not standardized, and what preventive measures should be taken in dangerous operations, approval procedures, and operation monitoring are not clear.
6. The responsible person and responsibility are not fully implemented. The safety production plan formulated lacks pertinence and operability; The safety responsibility system and the regular assessment, reward and punishment of personnel and departments proposed in the responsibility letter have not been effectively carried out, and can not reflect whether the safety responsibility has been implemented.
7. There are loopholes in accident management. Do not pay attention to small accidents, no accident management files, not according to the "four not let go" requirements for accident management, draw a lesson from one to the other, and educate employees.
8. Lack of safety education and training ledger and records. There is no employee safety training and education files, safety activity plans and safety activity records.
9, safety rules and regulations, safety operation procedures are not standardized. The safety management system is not perfect, and many contents of the existing system have gaps with the requirements of national laws and regulations, and there is a disconnect with the actual situation of enterprises, and the operability is not strong; The safety technical knowledge and working conditions required in the regulations, especially the abnormal situations that may occur in the working procedures and the preparation of emergency procedures are incomplete.
10, the safety inspection is not in place. Failure to develop a safety inspection plan; All kinds of safety inspection lists developed by the company are not operable and targeted, and some inspection items required by standards have not been carried out; There is a lack of acceptance confirmation on whether the problems found in the safety inspection have been effectively rectified.
11. There is no occupational hazard management in the workplace, no occupational hazard prevention and control plan and implementation plan, occupational health files and workers' health care files, and related occupational health protection facilities and protective equipment ledger.
12. The management of hazardous chemicals is not in place. No hazardous chemicals files have been built, and no hazardous chemicals "one book, one sign" files have been created.
13, no emergency rescue plan training, exercise records, no emergency rescue plan exercise evaluation report.

6. There are the following defects:
1. Safety production policy, safety production objectives and general manager's safety commitment have not been publicized.
2. The production site is not equipped with emergency rescue facilities as required (referring to emergency rescue equipment and equipment such as filter gas mask (half mask), oxygen respirator, air respirator, spare medicine box), and no special counter for protective first aid equipment is set up.
3, some posts without post operating procedures.
4. The fire-fighting equipment in some places is not fully configured, and the existing fire-fighting equipment is not placed in an eye-catching position.
5. Some safety warning signs are not eye-catching due to decolorization, and signs such as speed limit, height limit and no driving are set in the factory; The production and storage sites are not equipped with any dangerous materials (such as sulfuric acid and other dangerous chemicals) notification plates.
6. No wind vane is set in the factory.
7, the production site wiring confusion.
8, the job site running, bubbling, dripping, leakage serious.


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