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Hi! Play together! Jianheng Industry held the 9th Employee Sports Meeting

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On November 26, Hengyang Jianheng Industrial Co., Ltd. carried out the ninth staff sports meeting, the company's general manager Hu Hongjian, production vice president Huang Huihui, chief engineer Wang Kaibao attended the opening ceremony of the games.

On November 26, Hengyang Jianheng Industrial Co., Ltd. carried out the ninth staff sports meeting, the company's general manager Hu Hongjian, production vice president Huang Huihui, chief engineer Wang Kaibao attended the opening ceremony of the games.

From the company's management department, polyaluminum workshop, aluminum sulfate workshop, dehydrated aluminum sulfate workshop, Hong Kong aluminum sulfate workshop, alum workshop, maintenance workshop, loading and unloading team, a total of more than 280 people participated in the games.

Hu Hongjian, general manager of Jianheng Industry, said in his opening speech that since 2014, the annual staff games have been expanding in scale, and the cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness of enterprises have been continuously enhanced. In the past year, Jianheng Industry has always carried forward the fighting spirit of "unity and struggle, innovation and progress" and the concept of "surpassing ourselves, pursuing excellence, courageously creating first-class, courageously creating new highs", and has made remarkable achievements one after another. In the same period of 2022, both production and sales increased by more than 25%, brushing a record high; Jiangxi Branch project with a high speed of 8 months to build and put into operation to create an industry miracle; "Maker China" Hunan Province China small and medium-sized enterprises innovation and entrepreneurship competition won the second prize, breaking through Hengyang's historical achievements, the achievement of these achievements, on behalf of our company in the continuous vigorous development at the same time in the community also won a good reputation, establish a good corporate image. The 64 years of Jianheng Industry are 64 years of success, and 64 years of writing a magnificent chapter together with all of us Jianheng people. At the end of his speech, President Hu wished all the athletes excellent results and wished the games a complete success.

hi! Exercise together for fun

The games set up seven interesting competition content, respectively, "tortoise and hare race", "money rolling", "happy transmission", "50 meters board shoe run", "sandbag throwing", table tennis and tug-of-war competition.

Tug-of-war is an interesting sport that tests the spirit of teamwork. It depends not only on the excellent physical quality of everyone in the team, but also on the team spirit of tacit cooperation and valiant struggle of all members. With the inspiring shouts of cheer, the strength and spirit of the competition between the two sides are becoming more and more intense, Jianheng people are tenacious, the heart wants to think in one place, and the spirit of the spirit is reflected vividly in the game.

The tortoise and the hare is a race of speed and teamwork. Just listen to the order, the players are full of energy, vigorous posture with the galloping footsteps sprint to the finish line, showing the competition of speed and passion, forming a unique and beautiful landscape.

The happy pass tested the players' physical coordination and endurance to win in a steady manner. The teams have a mixture of comical lightness and insidious tension. A hula hoop rolling from each player's body, not wonderful.

Actively work hard and strive to be the first

Table tennis court you come to me, the white ball in the air with a beautiful arc, arc flow. Players in the passion at the same time, the fans watching the game are also concentrated, intently, from time to time for the players' wonderful game cheering.

Happy transmission, 50 meters shoe racing, sandbag throwing and other events are crowded, the atmosphere is tense and warm. Beside the arena, the spectators cheered and shouted. On the field, the players went all out, united as one, and competed courageously. In the end, after intense competition, the events were successfully concluded, and the 9th staff Games of Jianheng also came to an end. Huang Huihui, vice president of production, and Wang Kaibao, chief engineer, presented awards to the top three teams and athletes in each event.

Gathering is a mass of fire, scattered is full of stars. In the whole process of the competition, the positive attitude of all the contestants to fight for the first place all showed the spirit of building balance. We use sports to ignite passion, sweat youth, action beyond the dream, feel the happiness brought by sports.

The successful holding of the games not only enriches the amateur cultural life of the employees, but also enhances the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the company's employees, so as to encourage everyone to transform the spirit of construction into practical action, based on the position, take the initiative to act as, and contribute their own strength to the high-quality development of construction Heng with hard work!

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