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Jianheng Industrial Environmental Management Information Announcement

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First, the company's environmental protection main responsibility
1) Establish environmental protection institutions in accordance with the law, with environmental management personnel.
2) Establish and improve the environmental responsibility system and various rules and regulations.
3) Continue to have the environmental protection conditions stipulated by laws, regulations, national standards and industry standards.
4) Ensure that the investment meets the needs of environmental protection.
5) Environmental protection facilities and equipment meet the relevant requirements of environmental protection management and operate normally.
6) To ensure that waste water, waste gas, solid waste discharge standards.
7) Formulate emergency plans for environmental emergencies according to law, and implement post emergency measures.
8) Timely investigation, discovery, management and elimination of the unit's environmental accident hazards.
9) Actively adopt advanced production technology, materials, equipment and processes to improve the level of scientific and technological protection of environmental protection.
10) Ensure that new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects implement the "three simultaneous" system of environmental shadow assessment and environmental protection facilities in accordance with the law, so that environmental protection facilities and the main project are designed, constructed, and put into production and use at the same time.
11) Report environmental accidents as required, and do a good job in rescue and recovery of environmental pollution accidents.
2. Member of the company's environmental Protection Management Committee
Director: He Zhaohui (Chairman)
Executive Deputy Director: Hu Hongjian (General Manager)
Deputy Directors: Jiang Fazhong (Deputy General manager), Wang Chunhai (Deputy general manager), He Qingfeng (Deputy general manager), Zhou Ling (deputy general manager), Huang Huihui (Assistant general manager and Director of Anhuan Dispatching Office)
A member: Wang Yimin (Deputy Director of the Environmental Control Office), Xu Jianye (Deputy director of the Environmental Control Office), Yin Hongbin (Deputy Director of the Environmental Control Office), Gao Li (Minister of Human Resources), Jiang Longjiao (Minister of Quality Supervision Department), Zhou Xiaoyu (Minister of Finance), Xu Wei (Minister of Sales Department), Luo Jianshe (Director of the first branch Factory), He Xiaosheng (Director of the second branch factory), Xu Mingnai (Deputy director of the first branch factory), Fei Xiaobin (Deputy Director of the second Branch Factory), Liu Yunsheng (Director of Environmental Protection)
Third, the company's environmental protection management system
1. Establish and improve the environmental protection responsibility system and environmental protection rules and regulations, and clarify the responsible personnel, scope of responsibility and assessment standards of each post. A corresponding mechanism should be established to strengthen the supervision and assessment of the implementation of the environmental protection responsibility system to ensure the implementation of the environmental protection responsibility system.
2, the company set up an environmental protection committee, set up an environmental dispatching office, equipped with full-time environmental management personnel.
3. Formulate the annual work plan and work objectives for environmental protection, and include environmental protection objectives in the annual production and operation objectives assessment.
4, production and environmental protection to implement the "one job and two responsibilities" system, the functional departments, workshop leaders to environmental protection management as a part of production management, and into the production management system to implement production, environmental protection together.
5. Strengthen environmental publicity, education and training, and enhance the environmental awareness and responsibility of all employees.
6. Conscientiously implement the environmental information disclosure system, and disclose environmental information on media or websites designated by local environmental protection departments and company websites.
7, strengthen the management of environmental protection facilities and daily maintenance, maintenance, repair work, to ensure that environmental protection facilities normal, stable and synchronous operation of the main device, waste water, waste gas, solid waste, noise discharge standards.
8. Strengthen environmental monitoring. Test the wastewater from the company's total wastewater discharge outlet every day; Every quarter, a qualified unit is entrusted to monitor the waste water, waste gas and noise discharged by the company. Establish the corresponding environmental monitoring original record ledger according to the monitoring report, and be responsible for reporting the relevant reports according to the requirements of the superior department.
9, the establishment of environmental protection potential management system, timely investigation, discovery, management and elimination of environmental protection accident potential.
10, in the construction of new, reform, expansion projects, strictly implement the environmental assessment system and environmental protection "three simultaneous" system, to ensure that environmental protection facilities and the main project to achieve the same design, construction, put into use.
11. Strictly implement the emission permit system, handle or replace the emission permit on time, and achieve certified emission.
12, according to the requirements of environmental protection, on time and truthfully declare pollution.
13. Formulate emergency plans for environmental emergencies in accordance with the law, strengthen emergency plan drills, implement post emergency measures, and improve emergency response capabilities for environmental emergencies.
14, the implementation of environmental protection accident accountability system, the investigation and treatment of environmental protection accidents should be in accordance with the "four not let go" (the cause of the accident is not found not let go, the accident responsibility and employees are not educated not let go, no preventive measures not let go, the relevant responsible person is not punished not let go) the principle of disposal.
15. Actively adopt new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment to reduce the generation of pollutants from the source, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources, vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieve clean production and green development.

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