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As a leader manufacturer of alum salts in China. Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Company is a creator and editor member of the national standard of aluminumu sulfate GB31060-2014 and poly aluminum chloride GB/T22627-2014, food additives potassium alum GB.1886.229-2016, and ammonium alum GB25592-2010.


2016 national water treatment coagulation technology seminar held in Hengyang City successfully

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2016 national water treatment coagulation technology seminar is held in Hengyang City from  May 29 to 31. 
The meeting is organized by the Chinese Chemical Society water treatment coagulation technology group. 
Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Co.,ltd( lotus alum) is the conference host.
The theme is "to cultivate innovative ability, optimize production process”.  
The domestic coagulation technology well-known experts, scholars and water 
treatment company  representatives attended the meeting. 
They discuss the water treatment agents preparation and application of new technologyand development trends, and coagulant production process transformation, environmental governance together. 
After meeting, they visit our factory Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Co.,ltd(lotus alum).
In May 30 morning, the opening ceremony is held in West Lake Hotel function rooms.  
The deputy mayor of Hengyang City Shuilong Hu , Hengyang municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Yunsheng Xu, Songmu Ecomonic zone director Leihua, National industrial water treatment Secretary Long Yuqi Yang, councilor Baoyu, and CEO of Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Zhaohui He attended the opening ceremony and addressed the meeting. 
More than 100 representatives participate in the industry event.
In May 31, the participating experts and representatives to visit Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Co., Ltd(Lotus alum). The representatives visited our potassium and ammonium alum workshop, aluminium sulfate workshop, and polyaluminium chloride workshop. From production process, production capacity, equipment selection, product quality etc, representatives are very satified with Lous alum products. At present, Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development alum) production capacity is more than 30 million tons per year. With most complete products, largest capacity, best quality,Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development is the leading maufacturer in China. "Lotus" brand awareness continues to expand. 
Many customers only use and trust Lotus brand water treatment products. The experts, representatives are very satified and speak highly of Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development leading in  realizing the clean, low consumption, high efficiency and mechanization, automated production.
Subsequently, representatives came to the techinical center(Lab research center) of Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Co.,ltd( Lotus alum). The technology center is mainly responsible for company product research and development, already won morn than 28 patents in recent years, main drafting and audit 8 national standard of aluminum sulfate and polyaluminium chloride and alums.
The representatives give a high evalution of lotus alum technology center construction and innovative work.
During the meeting, the national industrial water treatment committee speak higly of Henayng Jianheng Industry Development Co.,ltd(lotus alum). And as the leading enterprises in the aluminum salt, national standard drafting company. Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Co.,ltd dedicate in R & D and production of water treatment agent, innovation and technological progress, and vigorously promote a new model of circular economy. 
We Henygang Jianheng Industry Development believe we will make new contributions to our national water treatment industry. 
And welcome deomestic and oversea customers contact us for aluminum sulfate, polyaluminium chloride, potassium alum. 
Ammonium alum. We will support you the best quality product and great sales service.
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