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As a leader manufacturer of alum salts in China. Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Company is a creator and editor member of the national standard of aluminumu sulfate GB31060-2014 and poly aluminum chloride GB/T22627-2014, food additives potassium alum GB.1886.229-2016, and ammonium alum GB25592-2010.


Our company poly aluminum chloride is an important chemical in Guangxi Longjiang water pollution incident

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In January 15, 2012, Guangxi Longjiang River Lalang Hydropower Station small fish cage culture phenomenon is network exposure, the Longjiang River Yizhou waves dock 200 meters before the heavy metal exceed the standard 80 times the water quality. The time when the lunar new year year of the dragon, the Longjiang River to detect the cadmium content exceed the standard, the coast and downstream residents drinking water safety has been a serious threat.
Our company product poly aluminum chloride was used as an important water treatment flocculation agents, each dam on the Longjiang river mouth is arranged on, in order to gradually reduce the content of heavy metal cadmium in river water, the effect is good, by the Hechi City Hall in Guangxi and the experts. This reflects the company in water treatment chemicals production, not only excellent quality, but also to good effect in actual application domain. Through the test of practice, which improved our production of faith, we will be more carefully to produce suitable for chemical treatment of sewage!