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As a leader manufacturer of alum salts in China. Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Company is a creator and editor member of the national standard of aluminumu sulfate GB31060-2014 and poly aluminum chloride GB/T22627-2014, food additives potassium alum GB.1886.229-2016, and ammonium alum GB25592-2010.


Poly Aluminium Chloride Application

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Introduction to Poly Aluminum Chloride:
PAC-H(For drinking water )
PAC (PAC-H) is a new and highly efficient inorganic polymer coagulant, the product selection of aluminum hydroxide, synthetic hydrochloric acid, calcium aluminate powder is made with advanced technology, has a good flocculation effect, low prices , its water better than the traditional aluminum and iron salts of sulfuric acid such as common inorganic coagulant, solid product by spray-drying technology, products for the yellow or light yellow crystal particles. Can be widely used in water supply and industrial water purification treatment.
    1, structural characteristics and flocculation mechanism
    PAC (PAC-H) by a series of different degree of polymerization of the inorganic polymer formed, with the best form of distribution. Main components AL13O4OH24 (H2O) 24 (H2O) 127 +, as having the structure of highly charged polymer KEGGIN ring with shape, colloidal and particulate matter in water with a high degree of charge neutralization and bridging functions, and can strongly remove the micro-organic toxins and heavy metals ion, a stable trait.
    In water and colloidal particles brought about by the negative charge generated in the moment and the role, so that colloid destabilization, rapid flocculation of colloidal particles, and further bridge generates large and fast settling floc.
     2, flocculation characteristics and performance
    Compared with the traditional inorganic coagulant, the product also has the following advantages:
    * Amount far lower than the conventional coagulant, purified water quality.
    * Fast floc formation, settling quickly, large processing capacity than conventional products.
    * Alkalinity of the water consumption of less water PH value decreased less.
    * The aqueous solution insoluble low light transmission is good.
    * Applies to a wide range of PH value in the 5.0-9.0 can be used within the scope.
    * Pairs of turbidity, alkalinity, organic matter content in adaptability.
    * Product of the quality indicators, in particular heavy metals, indicators are to meet the GB15892-2003 standards.
    * The amount of residual free aluminum low, purified water meet the national standard.
    * Corrosion is small, easily dissolved powder is better than other similar products.
    3, PAC (PAC-H) the application of
     This product is good quality and low prices, determined in various types of industrial water and sewage treatment have an advantage, in addition to turbidity and COD effects to the active ingredient by comparison, is 2-3 times the aluminum sulfate, the product than the products easy drum method soluble, water insoluble low and high turbidity of water and high-pollution waste water treatment flocculation effect is good.
     The PAC in the following water treatment is the ideal choice for:
     1, a variety of industrial wastewater treatment (paper, printing and dyeing, leather, ceramics, metallurgy, mining, oil, fluoride, coal washing and other industrial waste water)
     2, Water Reuse and Treatment
     3, oilfield re-injection water treatment
     4, circulating cooling water treatment
     5, industrial water treatment
Poly Aluminium Chloride Application