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As a leader manufacturer of alum salts in China. Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Company is a creator and editor member of the national standard of aluminumu sulfate GB31060-2014 and poly aluminum chloride GB/T22627-2014, food additives potassium alum GB.1886.229-2016, and ammonium alum GB25592-2010.



Hengyang Jianheng Induistry Development Co., Ltd. vicissitudes  nearly 60 years history , is the epitome of Chinese aluminum industry , from a single aluminum sulfate product to poly aluminium chloride,ammonium alum , potassium alum , composite leavening agent , polymeric aluminum sulfate etc,Total capacity  is more than 200,000 tons , is Asia's largest production base of aluminum products , aluminum industry in China 's rapid development and modernization of Albert , the cohesion of generations Arcotect people burning passion , hard work and innovation wisdom sweat .
     Jianheng Industry Development Co., Ltd. always adhere to the " pursuit of excellence, beyond ourself " business philosophy . Creating a  innovation path of " technology patents , product standardization ". Develop different products series to meet different requirements from different customers. We firstly acheive production mechanization and automation by  self-developed production processes and advanced technology and equipment .
Base on integrity , innovation , culture management, setting goals of " create first-class aluminum business , leading  the industry ". We value the honor and respect to our staff ; value equality, cooperation, mutual faith to the customer ; return responsibility and love  to society.
We are willing to join hands with you , cooperate together , create a better future ! Jianheng Industries(lotus alum) is not only is your preferred partner , also your most trusted friends !
                                              --CEO  Mr. He Zhaohui