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As a leader manufacturer of alum salts in China. Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Company is a creator and editor member of the national standard of aluminumu sulfate GB31060-2014 and poly aluminum chloride GB/T22627-2014, food additives potassium alum GB.1886.229-2016, and ammonium alum GB25592-2010.

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Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Co., Ltd. is established in 1958, which is restructed from Hengyang Jianheng Chemicals Factory. Mainly engaged in aluminum products and water treatment chemicals series products developing, producing , servicing.


2016 national water treatment coagulation technology seminar held in Hengyang City successfully
2016 national water treatment coagulation technology seminar is held in Hengyang City from May 29 to 31. The meeting is organized by the Chinese Chemical Society water treatment coagulation technolo
Poly Aluminium Chloride Application
Lotus Alum win the manufacturing championship
Manufacturing champion experience sharing meeting was held by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Federation of Industrial Economy in Beijing on January 22nd,2018, which has pub
Lotus Alum is in the TOP3 Country's Tax Revenue Among the National Circular Economy Industrial Zone
In order to implement the spirit of Hengyang government economic working meeting, and to conclude the achievement in 2016 and to arrange the working in 2017, national Circular Economy Industrial Zone